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Ugh, so somehow my mother and I got onto the subject of religion last night while we were watching Concert for the Queen. She asked me how often I prayed and I replied very rarely if at all because I'm not very religious. (Note: She's Catholic, while I consider myself to be Agnostic.)

She started screaming at me saying things like "How are you going to raise your kids with out religion?" (Um, for them to find their own path, and introduce them to many religious ideals and institutions so they can make an informed decision instead of me shoving whatever religion I grew up with down their throats.) and "Where are you going to get married?" (Wherever I damned well please. My cousin had a beautiful wedding ceremony that didn't take place in a church!)

Oh, and here's the kicker: I apparently worship satan because I don't pray.

Really mother? Just because I'm not a very religious person doesn't mean I ~worship the devil~ or that I am a horrible person. Speaking of horrible people, why don't you evaluate ,yourself, mother. You're always spouting hateful shit about the LGBTQ community. (she literally calls people who are trans* "its". It's fucking disgusting some of the things she says.)as well as a few racist and sexist comments here and there as well. :/

Luckily after a few hours of letting her calm down she came back to me and apologized. But still. *sigh*


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