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THE FINALE WAS EPIC! I really like Iroh 2.0 (He has a burn scar now too eeee!) IDK if he'll be much of a reoccurring character but I found him quite enjoyable. I especially loved his tip off to Aang's statue :D

HOLY SHIT AMON YOU SCARY MOFO. One of fandom's guesses was right though! He's Tarrlok's brother! In the end I think this was the best choice for Amon because it humanized both him and Tarrlok. Plus Aang's warnings about Yakone weren't all just related to Tarrlok which I also liked. But I wonder if both Tarrlok and Amon are dead now? Hm...

So much blood bending in this episode it was great. Blood bending being able to take away bending is a pretty neat idea. I actually like this better than Amon being a vengeful spirit.

Asami's beef with her dad...I felt the dialogue was kind of bad tbh. And some of the lines after Tarrlok's story were really cheesy. XD

Loved that Bolin got a bit of a larger role. (Not to mention a good Borra scene too! The Borra shipper in me was happy.) Hopefully next season they'll bother to develop him more. Especially in terms of him and Mako's back story, and thhose two having more bro moments. (Because I loved that bro hug moment. They had almost NONE of that this season.)

As for the love triangle...it was handled better than I expected, but at the same time I didn't like it. I did not like Mako and Korra kissed at the end. When Asami kissed Mako on the cheek it didn't feel like a real break up. Actually, that wasn't a real break up worth shit. And I'm kind of annoyed Korra unlocked her airbending while ~fighting for her man~. Ugh. Fucking stereotypical. Not to mention Mako carrying her like a princess AGAIN.

I REALLY hope next season they actually keep Mako's characterization consistent. I will most likely never like Makkora, but I hope to at least hate Mako a little less than I still do.

I also kinda wished Korra struggled with not having the other three elements for a bit longer. It felt too rushed. While it was AMAZING getting to see Aang and I squeed so hard when we saw him, I was pissed it was just LOL SOLVED by the end of the episode.

Even if I was happy Lin got her bending back, idk, I felt like all of the getting-back-bending stuff should have been more difficult.

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So, so many mixed feelings there, yeah @.@ Basically, I loved pretty much all of it (I did like the scene with Asami and Hiroshi, I have to admit - but lol daddy issues, I have a vested interest in seeing awesome girls realising they don't need emotionally abusive, controlling dads XD;; )

The touch of Borra was cute :) I also didn't mind the touch of Bosami, since I do actually like those two together, just... not as a pair-the-spares sort of thing to counter Makorra.

That's... basically the one thing I thoroughly disliked about the episode XD;; That kiss on the cheek definitely wasn't a break-up! Every time Mako is around, Korra turns into a damsel. I don't mind her sudden unblocking of Airbending, since I speculated she'd be able to learn if her bending was taken away, but it would have been so much more satisfying if it had been for someone else - Bolin, or Asami, or hell, letting the Air family escape! How beautifully poetic would that be? And don't get me started on the declarations of love XD;;

It would have been nice to see Korra's struggle drawn out more. As it stands... what's actually LEFT for book two? The villains are presumably dead, she knows Airbending, she's gone Avatar State, she's learnt how to restore people's bending, and she's ~got her man~. Or is each book meant to stand alone?


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